Monthly Archives: September 2007

Why Ruby’s Mixins Gives Rails an Advantage over Java Frameworks

Much has been made over Paul Graham’s famous posting about how Lisp gave his startup Viaweb an advantage over the competition.  Graham’s thesis is that there are features in the Lisp language that could be leveraged to make his programming team more productive and better able to respond to customer needs. The idea that a programming language will […]

Presentation on Using the Embedded JBoss Container

Gave a presentation tonight to the Philly JBoss Users Group about using Embedded JBoss. For the unaware, Embedded JBoss allows a developer to embed much of the functionality of the JBoss application server (EJB, Messaging, JNDI, Security, Transactions) in another application.  A great use for the technology is in the creation of unit tests that […]

Frustrating Bugs Robbing Me of My Weekend

This Tuesday, I am presenting at the Philadelphia JBoss Users Group on using Embedded JBoss, a very cool way that allows you to do things like test EJBs using JUnit without having to install an application server.  The slides are ready but I wanted to make sure my demos are running.  So I go to […]

Scraping Dynamic Websites Using JRuby and HtmlUnit

Scraping static web sites to verify functionality or to access data has been around as long as there has been a web (example of scraping of a static web page with Ruby).  But with the advent of AJAX and other techniques that use JavaScript to dynamically insert HTML into a web page, scraping has gotten more […]

Betting on JavaFX Is a Bad Bet Indeed

In the last few months, Adobe, Sun, and Microsoft have all had major announcements around their platforms for developing rich Internet applications (RIA).  Adobe, the current market leader in the RIA space with their combination of Flash and Flex, has recently been promoting the Air product that will allow Flex applications to hook into the […]