January 2008

Creating a Build Number With Ant and Subversion

I’m on a hot streak tonight… Another comon problem that I have had to solve recently is how to attach a build number to files that are being generated out of an Ant build script. We have developed a versioning scheme (inspired by http://geekswithblogs.net/emanish/archive/2006/09/25/92219.aspx) for our releases where our release are named <major>.<minor>.<revision>.<build>. So a… Read more Creating a Build Number With Ant and Subversion

My Latest Job Title

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of different jobs: President of my own company, 416 Software Adjunct Professor for Penn State Interim VP of Engineering for an unnamed startup doing cool things with email Build/Release/JBoss Expert General Software Consultant but for my latest title…. Management Consultant. Good to know someone takes my ranting seriously!