Year: 2011

Solr Sorting Tidbit

The basic requirement was a fuzzy search on a series of business names and locations using a Levenshtein fuzzy string to handle typos, with results being returned with those whose name started with the query term displayed first followed by others that may have matched.  For our purposes, let’s say I had the following data… Read more Solr Sorting Tidbit

Breakfast Topics 4/15/2011

иконографияПравославни икони Very interesting to hear what people are working on. Some of the topics (that I remember) from today’s Tech Breakfast Multi-Tenant in Rails Using Capybara-Webkit Using Mechanical Turk instead of Selenium/SauceLabs/BrowserMob for Q/A of a website Using Maven with the Play Web Framework Using Fourier Transforms and Kalman Filters in image processing