MapMyRide WordPress Plugin Released

I have been trying to use MapMyRide to track my workouts.  While they say they will have a JSON feed soon, for now, all I could do is work with their RSS feed to put it up on my blog.

Originally, I hoped I could just use a standard WordPress RSS feed widget to show my workouts.  Unfortunately, the feed from MapMyRide contains HTML.  The RSS widget wisely escapes the HTML to avoid XSS.  However, this makes the workout listings look very ugly.

So I have created a pluging that downloads the RSS feed, parses out the workout information, and shows your workouts.

You can download the initial version of the plugin.  Installation just requires you to unzip and put in your wp-content/plugins directory.  Please let me know if you are using it and if there any other features needed.  I know I still need to:

  • Protect agains XSS (split on the bold tags and then escape other HTML
  • Protect against bogus URLs, only should be used
  • Add more options to control what you actually allow to display.  Not sure if I want my weight out there.

17 thoughts on “MapMyRide WordPress Plugin Released

  1. I have fixed the first two issues (preventing XSS and bogus URLs), will work on the option control later on.

  2. I can’t figure out where to put my URL for my RSS feed. I have the plugin loaded, but it’s showing your workouts.

  3. Looks like a great app, but I too cannot find where to put my rss feed. Do I have to edit the code itself? I can’t find a “MapmyRide” option in my settings or anywhere else.

  4. Whoops–sorry, I found it. My question is really whether I can make the workouts show on a separate page, rather than in the side bar. Any way to do this? Thanks.

  5. Right now it is just in the sidebar. I can try to make it a full page if that is desired, I may have time later this week.

  6. That would be great. I know that with the Lifestream plugin all the user has to do is install the widget and then create a page with [lifestream] as the body text, which loads the content. Not sure how you do this, but it looks like a simple solution.

    Thanks for the great plugin!

  7. I updated the plugin so now you can put [mapmyride] into your page and see the content. I also updated the FAQs with more info on how to set it up.

    I am not thrilled about the current stylesheet for the standalone page; if you have any ideas for improvement, I’d love to hear them.

  8. Thanks! Just one issue: even though I place the [mapmyride] command below some html commands, the widget appears above them, no matter what I do. For example:

    Latest Rides


    …results in the widget appearing above the “Latest Rides” header. Any ideas?

  9. I like the plugin so far. It’s helping track my workout progress for my blog. I would be very interested in being able to select the fields that are being displayed though. I’m not a php programmer, so I don’t exactly know how to modify the plugin just so that I can show certain items per workout rather than all items per workout. Any possibility as to getting something like that done?

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